Single Nozzle Spray Head

One spray head for all applications

What you can expect

The revolution in spraying technology! The patent registered single nozzle spray head combines the best of both worlds. Robust, simple and highly flexible in application. Each nozzle spray head can be controlled individually or in groups....





All JERKO valves are characterized by their dead-space-free design and are therefore useable for graphite-containing lubricants.

In addition to that, the Jerko valves have the shortest response times (less than 0.05 seconds). If the compressed air fails, the...



Spraying aggregate - tank


That your spray system is always supplied with the optimum amount and constant pressure.

Due to the maintenance-friendly design, the container lid with the installed hardware can be easily removed.

A modular design allows us, according to your wishes and specificati...


Overview of valve technology

Our current lubricant valves have the following advantages over their predecessors, developed by Mr. Jerkel, some of which are still used by our competitors:

  1. Dead space free
  2. Modular
  3. Pre-controlled opening and closing
  4. faster maintenance

Based on these advantages, we have also adopted the design features for all our other valves: circulation valves, pressure build-up valves, purge valves, insert valves and the new integrated spray-mixing blocks.

The design principle and the advantages of dead space free valves can best be explained in a comparison of the valves:

Old design

(The old construction is still used by the most of our competitors)

New design


Valve with dead space

Valve without dead space

In contrast to our old design with basic block and tap hole in the actual valve chamber, the valve chamber is completely flushed when circulating in our new valves. This means that there are no "dead spaces" in which sediments can deposit!

In contrast, with our old valves, the valve seat has to be completely removed to the front! (about 15 minutes work). In addition, the valve needle lift actually needs to be recalibrated

With our new valves, the seal carrier (1) can be exchanged after loosening 4 allen screws (2) (about 3 minutes of work).

Very complicated ....! Adjustment during production not possible!

Simply adjust rear hexagon screw – done!

Single-acting, therefore increased closing and opening times

Double-acting, closing time> 0.003 seconds, in case of failure of the compressed air still closing by spring force..

Get also more informations about the differences between our modern manipulators and our old versions!

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